Are you prepared for the shock of a lifetime? Here it is: photographs of Airstreams and sunsets are always the most popular pictures on my instagram feed. And if you combine the two together? An Airstream in front of a sunset? Holy hell, your stats will be booming.

I haven’t posted a Top Five Friday or a Favorite Instagrams post in quite awhile… I’m really not sure why actually. The previous ones were pretty popular. You can take a look at those here:

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Since it’s Friday and it’s been so long since I’ve done a post of this kind, it feels like the appropriate time to finally do a new one. Plus, who doesn’t want to look at pretty Airstreams or colorful sunsets, or Airstreams with sunsets?! Probably no one… raise your hand if you hate sunsets and happiness.

Airstreams and Sunsets

I think we’ve come to that point where people are beginning to forget what nice weather was like. Maybe some of you are even beginning to question the fact that summer is an actual season and that it will happen again. But maybe these pictures can remind you of better days, in the past and the future ones that you have to look forward to. So, before you head out to shovel again for the 8th time this week, take a look.

Here are my most popular photos featuring the Airstream and sunsets from over the last 30(ish) days!

*the included captions are directly from Instagram*

Airstream and Sunsets
(11.2017) Being back on the road again has been eventful, exciting, and rushed! I had completely forgot how cold Michigan was in November… maybe we stayed a touch too long. 🤷🏼‍♀️❄️ . It’s cool, we’re well on our way now! 🔥😁👍🏻

This one is actually older and it is from before I was warm. I threw it into this post so that all of you who are cold don’t completely hate me. 🙃 It was right after we left Michigan and were heading towards South Dakota to get our new drivers licenses. Our furnace wasn’t working, our propane had a leak, and life on the road was shaping up to be just as I had remembered – challenging and perfect.

Airstream and Sunsets
(12.17.2017) The Airstream is still dirty. Desert Hot Springs is still beautiful. You should come! 😉🌵

This picture makes me especially grateful that Aaron finally washed the Airstream. I’m really not a fan of washing cars/trucks/RVs anything like that. I think its a waste of water and it usually bums me out when I see people doing it. However, it had been almost a year since this old girl had been rinsed off and it was really starting to show.

Airstream and Sunsets
(12.23.2017) Happy Friday. I’ve never been more ready for a weekend in my actual bed… 😴

This beautiful sunset greeted us when we returned from camping in Mojave. It was a pretty rough camping trip (that is probably my favorite one yet), so coming home to this was really nice. I’ll be sharing the details of that trip in another post, keep an eye out!

Airstream and Sunsets
(01.05.2017) It’s a hard life out here… 😍🌄🌵😇

After spending a month and a half at the campground in Desert Hot Springs (new review coming soon!) it was so nice to be back out in the desert again. Boondocking is definitely when I am living my best life. I don’t like having neighbors, or rules, or noise (unless I’m the one making it), and I definitely hate paying money to camp.

Airstream and Sunsets
(01.16.2018) Still not missing neighbors. Still not tired of desert life. 💕🌵😇

Seriously… why would anyone be against boondocking? Sure, I can totally admit that having access to a gym, and hot springs, and endless supplies of snacks was really nice. But, now I can walk around outside with no pants on. So… I just feel that you really need to weigh your priorities in life. And for me, no pants almost always wins over anything else, even snacks. 😂

I think that pretty much covers it for this Friday. I hope you all have a super fun weekend. Go see some sunsets, or hell, go real hard and see a sunrise! When was the last time you did that?

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✌️ Amanda

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