Has it been like a year since I wrote a post about a band or even just music in general? It feels like it’s been at least that long… But, have no fear! Mrs. Magician has me inspired to write for days.

Really though, it’s weird that I haven’t written about music in such a long time. As with most things, I can’t speak to whether or not this is normal, but with me, life and my mood generally revolve around what I’m currently listening to. And on top of that, 2017 was a wild ride dedicated to seeing live music.

Let’s dive into why you need Mrs. Magician in your life.
Mrs. Magician

Two years ago I was “hashtag blessed” with this band on a Spotify playlist. So, yes, you could say that I was late to the party, but that would be rude.

Mrs. Magician released their first full length album, and arguably their best album, Strange Heaven, in 2012 — which was long before I started listening to them. But, regardless of my timing, because lets face it, I’m late to everything, I haven’t been this happy to find a band in the longest time.

Mrs. Magician

Let’s Talk About Their Vibe

One of the more laidback and mellow songs by the band (which was already featured on this blog) is ‘Angel Baby’. As I said at that time, this song shows the versatility of Mrs. Magician’s sound. Unlike many of their other more punk rock songs, this one is chill and heartfelt. It sounds exactly like what I imagine I would want to listen to while wearing a poodle skirt at the school dance.

Another song that I can recommend along these same lines is ‘Heaven’. Either of these songs are amazing, but there are plenty of others.

‘Reborn Boys’ from their most recent album, ‘Bermuda‘ is one of my current favorites. But Mrs. Magician is honestly one of those bands that has a song with a title and vibe to fit any situation.

This is all just my personal analysis but for example, ‘Dead 80’s’ is a song about meeting a life changing girl. She’s a total badass, and she turns the singer’s life completely around. I’ve taken the liberty to assume it’s been a positive but drastic change, and in the end, she and the change make everybody but him uncomfortable. But hey, as the song says, fuck em. 🙃

Mrs. Magician

If you’re looking to be less angry and more like sad for some reason, ‘The Spells’ is perfect for that. I feel like this one is about a break up? Which I’ve deduced from lines like: “I don’t want to live without you.” But, I feel like it’s also about how we’re all too old to be so fucking pathetic, and who can’t relate to that? I know I sure as hell can.

There’s always just the route where you want to offend others around you too. ‘There Is No God’ is the ideal song for that and not only will it upset the elderly, you will also enjoy listening to it. For me, its a first choice when I’m at the bowling alley and nobody is paying attention to the songs I’m selecting.

Mrs. Magician

I recently had the opportunity to see the band live and to meet a few of the members. It was another night to add to my lengthy list of greatest nights of my life. Its obviously not hard to get that ranking, but this night was seriously great. The venue was amazing, (please go to The Soda Bar in San Diego, you will not be disappointed) the band sounded perfect live, and they were the sweetest most friendly people.

Maybe I’ve done too much research, or maybe I’m just obsessed, probably both. Does it really matter? If you take two seconds and listen to any of the songs that I’ve mentioned above, then you’re going to appreciate everything I’ve said here. Trust me!

What are you currently listening to? Is Mrs. Magician your kind of thing?

✌️ Amanda

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If you’re curious what else I’ve been listening to lately, here’s a compressed version!