My story of Pioneertown begins with Michael Lang. Because, once upon a time, he flew from Detroit to Palm Springs, CA for three days to celebrate my birthday. Sure, call me spoiled… but really, it was cold in Detroit, why wouldn’t he want to fly to the desert and hang out? Lets all be honest, it was a win/win.

Alright fine, I admit it. I probably won slightly more.


Whenever Mike comes to visit us, we try to cram in as much activity as we possibly can. That’s true for a couple of reasons: 1) he is usually traveling somewhere new, 2) it’s usually somewhere really far from home, and 3) he’s almost always spent quite a lot to get there.

Planning something awesome seems like the least I could do…  but, to be completely real, I was preoccupied with Olivia and I didn’t really plan anything this time… That’s my bad, Mike. I apologize (again)!

Pioneertown Mike Visit
Look how happy he is though. I don’t think he minded.

Really though, it all turned out fine. We did a little off roading, we explored Joshua Tree National Park, we saw (well, some of us climbed) a really big rock, and the very best part: Mike’s visit was the excuse I had been waiting for to drag everyone to Pioneertown!

Pioneertown Downtown

So, what the hell is Pioneertown, right? Well, it started out in the 1940s as a movie set for old western films. Actors would actually live on the set and allow their homes to be used in the movies. Pretty cool, right?

Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were some of the big names that I recognized from Pioneertown back in its hay day. (<– Get it? 🙃) You can read even more about the progression and background of Pioneertown right here.

We went during a really slow time, which is apparently anything other than the weekend. So, there weren’t many people around — there was actually nobody there but us. Which is exactly how I like to see a place. The only downside was that the business were also closed…


Luckily, this wasn’t our first rodeo (ha, I did it again).

We actually made time to visit Pioneertown twice during Mike’s three day visit. And let me tell you, Saturday night was definitely a hot time to be at Pappy & Harriet’s. The place is so cool, they have live music almost every night that they are open and the food was delicious! The venue is pretty dark so I didn’t get any great food pictures, but I definitely recommend that you check it out.

I know you’re asking, “why do I need to go to Pioneertown?”

Well, I for one, love this kind of shit. Forts? Reenactments? Tombstone, Arizona? Yes. I am down for all of that. So, if you are too, or if you like bbq, live music, westerns, or vegan nachos, then Pioneertown is for you and you need to go. Plus, you can put your friends in jail. That’s always a favorite… right?

Have you been to Pioneertown or anywhere like it?

✌️ Amanda

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Before you go, here are some other photos from Mike’s visit and the surrounding area:

Joshua Tree

Giant Rock