When Aaron and I left Michigan back in 2015, we set out into a brand new world. We didn’t know much about anything, but we were ready to take on this full-time RV living adventure. One of the major issues we quickly discovered was that near the end of November, it’s actually pretty cold everywhere in the US.  So, we did what anyone would do. We drove to this cool ghost town in Texas, that we once heard about on TV.

I’m not really sure why, but when we left Michigan this last time, Texas just felt like the first place we should go. Maybe because it had been so long, maybe it was because we left home in November again, or maybe (probably) it was because I have been dreaming about the stuffed mushrooms I got 3 years ago… Whatever the reason, the Terlingua ghost town is where we went.

Spoiler alert. The mushrooms no longer exist.

11.13 – 11.16.2017
Garfield Park  — Terlingua, Texas

While in Terlingua, we spent three nights boondocking at a site titled “Garfield Park.” We found the location on the website freecampsites.net and figured we would check it out. But, even after staying there for four days, it is still unclear to me whether or not it is legal to free camp there. There were a lot of people that walked/drove by and nobody seemed to take issue with us being in the site, but we were still hesitant to leave the Airstream unattended for too long.

The combination of being unable to confirm the validity of our boondocking, the extreme heat, and horrible Verizon coverage forced us to make the decision to move further away from the main drag of the ghost town and into an RV park. But before we moved, we took advantage of our close proximity and went to check out a few of the local businesses.

The Starlight Theatre is probably one of my favorite places in Terlingua. The have awesome bbq, really delicious margaritas, and they seemingly always offer live music. The atmosphere of the place is just really great, always busy and upbeat. Probably a lot louder than Aaron would like, but that’s my kind of thing.

Truthfully though, my number one, absolute favorite, has to be Espresso …y poco mas. And why? because they have lattes and burritos, obviously. Oh my gosh, and the best frickin’ salsa… man, now I want it again… 10 out of 10, highest recommendations. Please go and send pictures.

11.16 – 11.20.2017
Big Bend Resort & Adventures — Terlingua, Texas

We came to this RV park because, frankly, there really weren’t too many other options. We wanted to stay for 3-4 nights and not have to move in the middle and this is just were we ended up. It wasn’t special or even really that nice, but it wasn’t necessarily bad either. Big Bend Resorts & Adventures was just… fine.

I will say that it was extremely dusty and when the wind kicked up one night it was a real mess.

While it was dusty, it was also located very close to both the ghost town and Big Bend. Great location is always a nice feature, and having full hookups to run the air conditioning wasn’t anything to complain about. 😇

I honestly had no real issues with any of the amenities of the park, other than the promise of functional wifi that was unmet and the laundry room.

Okay fine, the laundry room is like a 90 minute rant… We used the laundry room while we were in Terlingua the first time and it left much to be desired. This time around, besides it being dirty and not having enough machines, the ones that did work, didn’t very well.

My shoes were constantly sticking to the floor, like the back row of a movie theater, (gross); there weren’t enough dryers for me and one other person to share; the machines cost twice as much as most laundromats I’ve been to. And, my favorite, the “functioning” dryers that you were lucky enough to grab, they either didn’t ever dry your shit or they immediately burned it.

But besides that, the campground experience was totally fine. lol

We also spent one night during this trip to stay inside of Big Bend National Park on our first backcountry camping experience! You can read all about that right here. Or check out the campsite over on Campedium: Talley 2 Campsite

What do you like ghost towns? I’m kind of obsessed.

✌️ Amanda

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