Happy last day of November! Who’s ready for my birthday month? December I mean… 🙃 I hope that y’all are as excited as I am… But the other day I heard that red heads particularly love Christmas? So, maybe you’re not and I’m in this, nearly, alone. Regardless of whether or not this is facts or rumors, at least I know, for sure, that Breanna is excited too.

Today is also the last day of my, incredibly delayed, Blogtober series. Woo! This magical ride is coming to an end, and you’ve probably learned way more about me than you ever wanted to know. That is exactly why I am sincerely questioning the timing of this particular post topic… but who am I to judge?

That’s right, get ready to learn a couple more facts about yours truly.

October 30th: Thirty Facts About Me

(Read the original Blogtober 2014 post here!)

30 Things You May or May Not Know About Me:

–  I make a mean playlist, and I make them really often. If you need one, let me know.

–  At this point in my life, a Tom Collins is my go to alcoholic beverage. I love gin, it smells like Christmas and it makes me so happy!

–  I deeply, to my core, hate running/cardio.

–  When Facebook alerts me to the events that other people are interested in, I feel sad. “So and so is interested in the bullshit Christmas light ceremony at the animal prison. Besides work, it’s the only thing they’ve done in months. Check it out!” No. Thanks anyway.

–  I like to read. I actually really enjoy it, and I do it surprisingly quickly.

30 Facts GTKM
Look! I’m a cactus!

–  Anytime I see snow or a saguaro cactus I smile. It’s completely involuntary.

–  I have the opposite of hoarder tendencies. Instead of collecting things for sentimental reasons, I now enjoy getting rid of them.

–  Target is my happy place… I can spend hours just wandering around in there, and I do as frequently as possible. Just a couple of weeks ago, I begged Aaron to move the Airstream from the Walmart where we slept, a mile further down so that I could spend the day at Target instead.

–  I’m pretty confident that Mexican food is my favorite.

–  My wardrobe is currently 50% band tees, because, since August, I’ve seen almost 20 bands.

30 Facts GTKM

–  I hate the smell of campfire.

–  While traveling around the country, I try to have a margarita in every new place we go. It’s really fun and interesting to see how different they can be. I’ve even perfected my own recipe after all of my taste tests.

–  I am still completely addicted to coffee.

–  Even though I regularly clean out my make up and “donate” a bunch to friends, I still have a pretty serious collection… Does this mean that I do have hoarder tendencies after all?

–  I think the saying “man up,” is sexist and offensive. How about we use “grow the fuck up” instead? Because the real issue is people acting like cry baby bitches, not that they behave like women.

30 Facts GTKM

–  Red lipstick is my favorite! (Read about it here & here.)

–  I wear glasses sometimes. Most people probably don’t know that, because it’s really not as often as it probably should be.

–  Meeting new people makes me super uncomfortable. I am a serious introvert and totally socially awkward.

–  I legitimately like veggie burgers more than regular ones.

–  Streaming services (music and television) are the best creations ever, I’m convinced. Honestly, what was life before I could watch The OC and Top Chef whenever I decide I need to?

30 Facts GTKM

–  I have a lot of best friends… I realize and feel how lucky I am every single day.

–  There aren’t many genres of music that I won’t listen to. I actually just recently fell asleep while my brother was playing dubstep loud AF. Music in general is just soothing, ya know?

–  I’m not interested in anybody’s bullshit, not even my own… But for some reason I always find myself in it anyway. I guess I like a project.

–  A few weeks ago, I “moved” to South Dakota. I even got a new drivers license from there… The woman taking my picture hated me, my shirt, and my hair color. The picture proves it.

– I’ve only been married for just over four years.

30 Facts GTKM

–  Who doesn’t appreciate a good bottle of fake tan? I know I do! If you think I don’t know how crazy I look, you’d be wrong. If you think I care, you’d also be wrong.

–  I hate Facebook, Instagram is meh, but I like Twitter a lot.

–  Aaron and I have been together since 2005, just over 12 years.

–  I will almost always take my brother’s side in any situation. If he’s wrong I just tell him in private. You gotta present that united front, ya know? He doesn’t do the same for me. 😒

–  Extremely positive and/or supportive people make me incredibly uncomfortable. Silver lining and rainbows all the time… it’s just weird.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

✌🏻 Amanda

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