Originally, today’s Blogtober post was supposed to be “pet peeves,” but that sounds like an extremely negative topic… and I just didn’t really feel like writing that kind of stuff today. Y’all oughta know by now that I reserve bitchy posts for Tuesdays.

Then someone suggested that I consider writing something like the opposite of pet peeves? But that kind of feels like it could end up sounding a lot like a dating profile… All, “I enjoy drinking and long Hulu binges.” and what not…

So, I’ve decided to scrap “pet peeves” all together, and settle on a post outlining WGRT’s most helpful and most popular travel posts from over the last year. If you’re new here, you might have missed them. And if you’re not new, you still might have missed them, because who really pays that much attention? Not me.

October 22nd: Most Popular Blog Post Shares

(Read the original Blogtober 2014 post here!)

Lot’s of free camping recommendations, some tips on making your place of travel feel more like home, travel friendly recipes, and a great place to spend the winter with friends. Honestly, all the information you’ve ever needed and wanted, right here, all in one list.

Top 10 Post: Entertained Indoors

Five Awesome Ways To Stay Entertained In Your RV (or anywhere indoors really)…

Top 10 Post: Free Camp Colarado

Beautiful Free Camping Near Durango, Colorado

Top 10 Post: Yuma Arizona

Free Camping with Wide Open Space at American Girl Mine

Top 10 Post: Free Camp Bandlands National Park

Awesome Free Camping Right Outside Badlands National Park

Top 10 Post: Easy Delicious Recipes

My Five Most Delicious & Travel Friendly Recipes

Top 10 Post: Fighting Homesickness

Seven Ways to Fight Homesickness

Top 10 Post: Sedona Arizona

The Best Way to Spend Your Time Near Sedona, Arizona (free camping in Cotton Wood, Arizona)

Top 10 Post: Free Camping Oregon

Trip Guide to Oregon: Rufus, Hood River, and The Dalles (free camping in Rufus, Oregon)

Top 10 Post: Winter Palm Springs

The Best Laid Winter Plans (Sam’s Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA)

Top 10 Post: Moab Utah

Trip Guide: How to Make the Most of Moab in Under One Week (collab with Drivin’ & Vibin)

I hope you find these posts helpful!

✌🏻 Amanda

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