Hey-ohhhhh! Happy Tuesday. How is everyone feeling? Better now that Monday has passed? Same here. Okay, fine, all the days are mostly the same to me. But still, yesterday I spent hours in a laundromat that didn’t have enough dryers for me and one other dude, and my clothes came out of the washer wet but still looking dirty. I can definitely still relate to a difficult day.

In my last post I wrote about that time at the bookstore in Ann Arbor and all the great literature I picked up. Which is absolutely perfect timing, because today, I’m going to tell you about the last book I read and make some serious recommendations. Let’s do it!!

Drunk Book Buying
October 21st: The Last Book I Read…

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So, Craig and I went to Ann Arbor. I wanted Mexican, as I usually do. We ordered margaritas and a snack. While we were sitting at the bar, we noticed a sign for a very affordable “tequila tasting flight.” The bartender educated us about the origins of tequila, what the different names and colors mean, the whole thing. He also poured us double shots so that we could share one flight.

Needless to say, by the time we left, we were drunk. And then we ventured to the bookstore. Where, I picked up the following gems, that you absolutely have got to read!

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You might think, oh cool, the author who wrote “Gone Girl,” but that is not why I got this book. The reason for my purchase was the back cover. In big bold letters it says, “Do You Like Ghost Stories?” YEAH I DO! So I bought it, and read it, and it was 100% NOT what I was expecting. The book opens with some line about how the main character gave up giving hand jobs, but not because she was bad at them. So, yeah… highly recommend this one for a short entertaining read.

Okay, now this one I did buy because it was the same author as “Gone Girl.” It had a bit of a slow start, but when it gets weird, it gets WEIRD. I learned way too much about slaughter houses from this book… which is interesting because it’s really not about that at all… The end was pretty surprising too. I guess that must be a Gillian Flynn thing? I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

So… this book… y’all… wtf? lol You know how books have the synopsis written on the back? Well, I didn’t read that. I bought this because it has a palm tree on the front. It was cold and raining in Ann Arbor that day, I was drunk on tequila, and a palm tree fits that scenario perfectly. I start reading this book and suddenly, I’m like WHAT IS HAPPENING? Obviously I’m sober, so, I check the back of the book, and there it is, all the explanation I ever needed. Oops. It ended up being really good, quite a few twists in the story too… A little fucked up though, so if you’re easily disturbed, this probably isn’t a good one for you.

I have a few drunk purchases left to read and I’m excited about it. Despite spending way more than I should have, I think this was probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. In fact, it might be my new go to way of purchasing books. Okay, bye!

Do you have any book recommendations?

✌🏻 Amanda

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