Today, we are talking about fears! Oooooo exciting, right?

But first, did you get a chance to read yesterday’s post? Pretty good content about how to find a happy balance in life… Actually, maybe balance is the wrong word. I didn’t mention being responsible a single time. 🙂

I recommend checking it out, it’s definitely a little more deep and meaningful than usual.

Greatest Fear

October 20th: My Biggest Fear

(Read the original Blogtober 2014 post here!)

Last time I answered the question, “what is your biggest fear?” my answer was pretty intense. Like, long and rambling intense. Way too much, if you ask me. Since then, everything in my life has dramatically changed, and with that, so has my answer.

So, what’s my greatest fear right now? Regret.

I’m just in this place in life where my goal is to experience as much as I possibly can. I never want to look back and think, man I wish I had done that. Because I really believe that regardless of the situation, you can reflect and take positive lessons from it.

For example, the lesson I learned from this experience was that after drinking a bunch of tequila, going to the bookstore unsupervised totally pays off. I got some real weird shit that was a total joy to read and every book was a complete surprise!

I also learned that maybe I should have a responsible adult with me because I became a member of that bookstore with only one location (once you spend $250 you get a coupon for $15 off)… yikes.

At the end of the day, as long as I’ve tried to make the “right” choices for me and be a “good” person, then I feel like I’m good to do it all: go everywhere, see every band, and make the most of my time on Earth. I mean, life is for living right?


Last month, I was really sick, but I was determined not to let it slow me down. So, in one week we:

  • went to a stadium concert in Detroit,
  • went to a small venue show in Cleveland,
  • tried to see Whitney Houston’s grave in New Jersey,
  • drove to NYC,
  • saw another smaller venue show while we were there,
  • drove back home, and,
  • had birthday dinner for my mom.

At the end, my brother asked me if it was worth it, as I was coughing and dying in the back seat – fuck yeah it was. That was less than a month ago, and afterwards I packed my shit to leave Michigan, went to Cleveland again, and drove all the way to Texas. (Hey from Texas!)

So yeah, that’s it. My biggest fear is looking back and regretting a single second of my amazing life.

How do you feel about regret? What is your greatest fear?

✌🏻 Amanda

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