If you missed my explanation yesterday, regarding why we are finishing “Blogtober” in November, you should probably go back and read it. You may find yourself wondering, what the hell is wrong with this girl, even more than usual, without it.

Let’s get into this, shall we?

October 17th: I am an Expert at……

(Read the original Blogtober 2014 post here!)

I’m an expert at… fucking nothing? Literally, I’m not even good at anything. This prompt is ridiculous, not only because I have no skills, but also because how much of a douche do I sound like writing a blog post about what I’m the best at? I hope you’re ready for a twist, because I can’t with this.

I am an expert at:

overextending myself.

prematurely stressing over any situation.

putting everyone’s best interest ahead of my own.

completely disregarding long term goals for immediate satisfaction.

existing only on coffee until after 2pm EST.

scheduling an obscene amount of fun into a very limited amount of time.

being late, to anything and everything.

convincing friends to join in on my “bad” ideas.

ignoring my health to have a good time instead… woo!

justification and projection.

I gotta be honest… that list has painted a fantastic picture of me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.


What are you an expert at?

✌🏻 Amanda

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