I can comfortably tell y’all that I had way too much fun yesterday/last night.

Craig and I hung out in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan and had a very good time. I ended up having another amazing and delicious jalapeño margarita, which you know that I love. And we also shared a tequila flight. I’m so cultured now… and slightly hung over.

Actually… that leads perfectly into this post.

October 15th: My Favorite Quote & Why…

(Read the original Blogtober 2014 post here!)

I have been sincerely struggling to think of my “favorite quote.” I don’t think I really have one… I’m just not much for motivational or inspirational moments? I think I’m unsure of when/where a person finds their favorite quote… Perhaps I’m missing out on something in life. Tell me everything you know about this.

So, I’ve settled on the only, kind of, quote that keeps coming into my mind, and that is:

“Fuck me up fam!”

And mostly, I think I enjoy saying this one because of how much Aaron dislikes it. Plus, it’s totally versatile. Fuck me up fam works perfectly in the tequila flight situation, the gym, a doctors appointment? anything really. Go out and use it lots. It’ll work perfectly. I swear!

How do you feel about inspiration quotes? Do you have a favorite quote?

✌🏻 Amanda

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