Last time I completed Blogtober it was 2014 and the year that my best friend Megan was getting married. The day of this particular prompt (October 11th) was the day of her bachelorette party. It was a really fun day and I never actually got around to sharing the pictures anywhere.

Can you guess what we’re doing today? Because honestly, who the hell would let ME be president?

October 11th: If I Were President… Megan’s Bachelorette Party…

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I wonder if Megan and Jason will be as excited as I am to be finally sharing these photos…

I just think that it was such an awesome day, and most would agree that celebrating friends is always fun, and celebrating with a big group of them makes things even better. I’m so glad that we are all in agreement and on the same page about this.

I remember forcing Breanna to go with me. The men were going to spend the first half of the bachelor party doing their only thing (drinking excessively), while the women started their half of bachelorette party at home. I didn’t know anyone but Megan and her sister, so I was feeling incredibly nervous. I can get a bit socially awkward sometimes, and I like to use Bre as my security blanket whenever possible.

This day was also the very first time that I ever wore red lipstick. Crazy how time flies.

We started the day with a game where Megan opened a bunch of panties and had to guess who each pair was from. It was silly and fun, but not too embarrassing or shameful. Pretty much the exact way as I would describe Megan on any normal day. 😂

After playing a few basic bachelorette party games, snacking, and drinking we met up with the guys for dinner and more drinking, of course. It was a very fun night that I don’t honestly remember all that well anymore. It’s probably about time that we have another good drunken get together. 😉

The Grauf brothers napping before dinner! 😂
Do you think our culture overshares or do you love posting pictures of everything?

✌🏻 Amanda

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