I am so excited to write this post! The only challenge I face today is trying not to post too many pictures. Actually… is that a real problem for you? The way I see it, it’s better to have more pictures than too many words? Am I right? 🙃

October 7th: The Best Vacation

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Since Aaron and I hit the road back in November of 2015 I have been to so many different amazing and beautiful places. I’m sure for a lot of people, seeing so much would make it difficult to pin point that one place that was “the best.”

But for me, its simple. The best trip of my life was in Moab, Utah this year. It is the one place where, almost, all of my favorite people came to visit me at the same time. Can you even imagine that happening to you?

Alright, to be far, it wasn’t “my trip.” But everyone else was on a trip… and my whole life is trip, right?

This definitely counts.

So, anyway! Aaron and I were already in Moab for about a month when my grandparents arrived in their RV. Then a day later my baby brother (Ryan) and my best friend Mike flew into town on Cinco de Mayo.

I am completely serious when I tell you that when I look at the pictures I’m still in shock.

It was so much fun and it’s so amazing that we got to experience one of my favorite places together. I’m so lucky to have people in my life that will travel so far to see me.

I wrote an entire post about how to experience Moab, but I never mentioned that you should make sure your best people come with you. The company you take with you on the adventures definitely makes a difference. Trust me, I’ve experienced the town both ways and this time was way better.

I leave you with one of my favorite photos from the trip. It is definitely album cover material. Y’all know how I love a boy band! I just wonder what a boy band with these three weirdos in it would be called…

Where was your favorite vacation/trip to? Who was it with?

✌🏻 Amanda

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