Tell me how you’re supposed to ever pick just one favorite of anything? Seriously, music, food, movies… how can I put myself into a box of just one? I don’t think it can be done. I know for sure that it definitely can’t be done from my Instagram account – the place that houses all of my best memories.

October 4th: Favorite Photo I’ve Posted on Instagram

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I tried (not that hard) and I couldn’t pick one favorite photo from Instagram. So, I picked five instead… because that’s close enough to one, right?

Instagram Family Photo

Our little family in Colorado. 😍

This picture has everything you need, water, mountains, a puppy, and a super attractive couple.

You’re welcome friends.

Camp photos!

When I completed Blogtober the first time I never would expected to enjoy camping. But here we are, three years later, and I’m loving camping and the great pictures that go along with it.

Instagram AmandaAaronBowling

Sometimes we leave home together and do organized activities. I know it’s hard to imagine, but it really does happen. Another thing you might not know about me is that I love bowling, and glow bowling is just that much better – black lights, music, friends! I love it.

Instagram Besties

What a bunch of idiots. 😂

Me, Ryan, and Mike dressed in animal heads at Walmart while on family vacation over the summer. I think that pretty much describes our friendship…

Instagram Dog

My professional camping puppy, stealing a couple minutes to nap in the sun. 💕


What’s your favorite Instagram photo (from my account and/or your own!)?

✌🏻 Amanda

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