Seriously, think back to the old days when blogging was easy and it would just happen…

You would open the shitty browser and type whatever happened to you that weekend, the night before, or literally nothing at all right into blogger. Sometimes you would blog about how you had nothing to blog about, some days you would share all of your business, and other times you would hop right in andย pour your rage onto the page.

The comments would flood in and you would end up making honest connections… Connections with people you weren’t trying to sell to and that weren’t trying to sell to you. Or have I glamorized the entire situation, completely forgetting the drawbacks of the old days?

I’ve been doing this for almost six years… And don’t get me wrong, I know my old content wasn’t great, it probably wasn’t even good. But at least I knew people were reading it. Where have all of the comments gone!? (I got 14 comments on this post alone!)

Now it feels like work, and I’m fairly sure nobody is reading anything I say. Seriously, where the hell have the comments gone? Reading is good for you! And besides that, I don’t want to make a fucking YouTube channel…

Yep. I guess that’s it. Just a complaint without an addressed solution.

โœŒ๐Ÿปย Amanda

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