Aaron and I have actually boondocked at American Girl Mine twice in the past.

It’s an easy access FREE camping spot with tons of space to accommodate any size group you might be traveling with. Or, if you are traveling alone, there’s plenty of room to spread out and get away.

While camping at AGM you’ll be fairly close (about 3o minutes) to Yuma, Arizona. Which is a huge win if you like shopping, or if you recently ran out of food and have to go. There is an outdoor shopping plaza, a giant Target, and a pet store. Pretty much anything you’re going to need, you’ll be able to find it there.

You’ll also be incredibly close to Los Algodones, Mexico. If you’re behind on dental cleanings or doctors visits now you have a totally credible reason to cross that border. During our first stay, we actually just went for margaritas one night. Ten out of ten.

Verizon service is amazing, for phone calls and LTE data coverage. The temperatures and sunsets were beautiful, there is little to no dust, even in the wind, and I didn’t see a single bug.

There’s also stuff to explore in the area, including a really interesting ghost town site. Click here to see pictures from our time checking it out. We did some hiking and exploring of the nearby mines too.

Have you figured out that I’m a pretty big fan of this site yet?

A lot of people think that trash, and water are hard to find, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: They just don’t know where to look!

There is a rest stop close by with FREE water and dumpters. Located about three miles west of Ogilby Road, on Highway 8: Click here for directions to the rest stop!

There is also a dump station, which is not free, located at a near by Chevron station. We have a composting toilet so I don’t really know much about it though…

Now you have nearly 700 reasons to go boondock at American Girl Mine.

✌🏻 Amanda

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