I remember it like it was yesterday… The day that Aaron and I packed up the Airstream and left home for the first time. I was overwhelmed with feelings of homesickness, I had done shots of Vodka with my father-in-law to dull the fear, yet I cried every single time someone hugged me goodbye. Fond memories…

Seven Easy Ways To Fight Homesickness

Speaking of fond memories, if you have nothing better to do, click here to see photos from our very first going away party. First ever in life, and first ever in this whole coming and going trailer life.

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You might think the Vodka had something to do with the tears, and maybe it did, but honestly, I’ve always been this way. Always a little too attached to home and horrible with goodbyes.

When I was a little girl and they would send me to girl scout camp in the summers, what is typically a joyous time for kids would throw me into a hysterical breakdown. I would sob and sob, begging them not to make me go.

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Clearly unaware that they were dropping me off for a week.

I’m still awful with goodbyes, but I like to believe I’m getting better at them. The one thing I know for sure is that I am finally learning how to fight my homesickness while traveling and enjoy this crazy awesome life I have. Now I find myself even getting excited to leave and take on the next adventure.

Sure, somedays you just want to hang out with your friends at home and you feel down… But what do you do when you’re tired of being a cry baby and you’re ready to have a good time?

These are my seven tips to do just that: fight homesickness:

  1. Create a Routine: while I’m traveling it’s not a vacation, it’s just life. So going an extended period of time without routine can really throw my mood off. Simply having a morning routine where I wake up and actually get dressed before starting to work has made a huge difference.
  2. Exercise Regularly: nothing boosts your mood and helps you deal with stress quite like a good work out. Like I always say, “don’t cry – do push-ups!” Channeling those not so good feelings into something constructive will make you feel more positive, up beat, and accomplished. Plus, when you look good, you feel good, am I right?
  3. Focus On Making Your Current Location “Home”: for me, that means making the Airstream as homey as possible by covering the fridge with pictures and burning candles. But I think this idea can apply to any lifestyle. Wherever you are should feel like home — pictures, scents, your favorite blanket, really any personal mementos can help accomplish this.
  4. Enjoy The Local Drinks & Food: friends/family are great, but have you tried drowning your feelings in a pound of fries? Nothing makes me quite as happy as some deep fried deliciousness! Like I shared in my life changing margarita post, I’ve been ordering the same drink all across the country. It’s a fun distraction that gets me excited to keep traveling and experiencing new things. It’s my own personal thing that I don’t share with anyone else, so it doesn’t prompt sad memories of home. Plus, it’s delicious! But, please remember to indulge responsibly. 😬
  5. Make New Friends: whether you’ve relocated, or if you are traveling, making friends in your current location can make coping with homesickness a lot easier. Not only can these new friends serve as a distraction, they also offer a great sounding board for getting your feelings out and working through them. Becoming close with Olivia from D&V has made a world of difference in my traveling experience. I never imagined that I would struggle with coming back to Michigan, but good friends can change everything.
  6. Phone Calls & FaceTime: who says you should never enable your negative feelings? If you’re really missing someone, or something cool happens and you want to share it, video calling makes the world seem so much smaller. I probably make at least one video call a day… It honestly makes you feel like you’ve just hung out with the person you’ve been chatting with.
  7. Plan Visits With Friends/Family: my absolute favorite way to fight homesickness is to convince my friends and family to visit me. Honestly, I think it should be everyone’s favorite, you get to come see somewhere new and cool, and visit an awesome person? Sign me up. You can even enjoy the time leading up to the visit by starting a count down, making plans for their visit, and chatting constantly about what you want to do and see.

There ya go. Seven different ideas for you to try before giving in to homesickness and heading home.

Do you think any of these ideas will help you? What other tips & tricks do you have?

✌🏻 Amanda

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