Camping… RVing… Travel in general is a great way to spend your time and stay entertained. Seeing new places, exploring the great outdoors, getting your daily exercise in with some kind of cool physical activity rather than running on a treadmill. But, what about when it all goes wrong? Nothing is going as planned, you can’t get outside, and everyone is starting to turn on one another.

I’m sure you’ve been there; the family camping trip where the weather turns bad. You are all stuck indoors together, and you start to question how you got yourself into this mess in the first place.

Five Awesome Ways to Stay Entertained Indoors

Whether you’re in an actual RV, a tent, a cottage, on a boat, or even if you’re just reading this from home and you get bored this weekend, worry no longer. I’m coming through for you once again on this beautiful Friday afternoon.

Today, I’ve got you covered with Five Awesome Ways to Stay Entertained Indoors! (because really, who wants to go outside anyway?)

Five Awesome Ways to Stay Entertained Indoors Drinking

The First Way To Stay Entertained: possibly my favorite suggestion — Mastering New Cocktails or Recipes

Probably not fantastic if you actually are in a tent, but otherwise I highly recommend this hobby to keep you pleasantly busy. I’m currently trying to perfect my Spicy Margarita recipe, the Tom Collins, and my Black Bean Tacos (see, it’s not all about drinking over here at WGRT!).

The fantastic thing about trying to master a cocktail or recipe is that it keeps you busy for a variety of reasons. You have prep, implementation, enjoyment, and cleanup. Before you know it, the day, and possibly the night if you’ve done it right, is gone and you’ve completely forgotten your boredom.

The Second Way We Stay Entertained: Streaming Services & Chill 😉

Partial to Netflix myself, there seem to be a million different options for streaming services these days… With the right internet connection you can be watching anything you’ve ever dreamed of in a matter of minutes. Seriously, anything. Just the other day I watched ‘Down to You‘ with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles from all the way back in 2000. Who even thought to put that on the internet?

The second part of number two should be self explanatory, and if it’s not, hop on over to our friends at Urban Dictionary, and don’t forget to read the word of the day.

Five Awesome Ways to Stay Entertained Indoors YouTube

The Third Way To Get Entertained: Learning Skills & Party Tricks from YouTube

If you know me, then you know that I am addicted to YouTube. Personally, I don’t think it’s a problem, every video is educational in its own way… if you look hard enough. However, I think we are all aware of how easy it is to lose hours of your life watching YouTube videos.

Whether you are binging makeup tutorials, learning how to do magic tricks, or watching educational programming by people like my friends at Drivin’ & Vibin’, YouTube is a great way to spend time indoors productively… while still laying in bed.

The Fourth & Weirdest Way To Be Entertained: Music — Searching for New Songs & Creating New Playlists

An honest passion of mine, I could spend days searching the Related Artists tab in Spotify.

There is so much good music being released right now, so much amazing music that you’ve probably forgotten about, so many new smaller artists and bands that we all have access to now with the power of the internet… it’s an amazing time to be researching music.

And if making your own playlists sounds like too much work, Spotify has a ton of great pre made ones to choose from, you can find your friends and see what they are listening to, or you can even find randos like me and see what bands I’m listening to.

Five Awesome Ways to Stay Entertained Indoors Jenga

The Best Way To Be Entertained For All Occasions: Playing Games — Jenga!!

Playing games isn’t always a bad thing… Great, now I have Head Games by Foreigner stuck in my head.

Anyway, Jenga is the best, the box even says that you can play by yourself, not that I’ve done this… But, even just Aaron and I together have spent many nights playing for hours.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Eh Jenga, so much set up, isn’t it for kids,” blah blah Negative Nancy. Listen, the only way you’re going to realize how badass Jenga actually is, is if you spend the $10 and buy it. Plus, it’s not for kids if you make a drinking game out of it, now is it? Not unless you’re a terrible parent and/or babysitter.


So, there ya have it. Five Awesome & Amusing Ways To Stay Entertained Indoors. Do you have any other recommendations?

 ✌🏻 Amanda

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