05.19 – 06.03.2017
Old Lime Creek Road – Durango, Colorado

Located halfway between Durango and Silverton is a beautiful and easily accessible campsite. With stunning mountain views and limited neighbors, this is a great place to stay for a couple of weeks and explore the nearby area.

The site is accessed directly off of The Million Dollar Highway, but road noise wasn’t a problem. And, much to our excitement, we found that the old highway (which is now more of an off road 4×4 trail through the woods) is still accessible.

Coming straight to this site from the desert in Utah, I couldn’t believe all of the trees, grass, and water. It is breathtaking. So, have your camera ready.

This location gave us equal time to spend in Durango and in Silverton, which is a real bonus.

We probably could have camped closer to Silverton, but we were looking for some of the more big city stores and things of that nature, so Durango was a must for us.

This is also the base camp for our Alpine Loop trip. So, if you’ve been planning on taking that adventure but wondering where to set up, look no further.

The weather was really interesting. Some days it would be sunny and warm, while other days we got chilly temps and blizzards. I absolutely love snow, so I was not disappointed with the snowcapped mountains or the random snow storms.

Speaking of snow…

Molas Pass is located between this campsite and Silverton. We made this drive a number of times and it made me so happy with our camp every single time.

If you do make it out to this campsite, and you weren’t already convinced to take the Million Dollar Highway drive for the views and experience alone, then I would also recommend doing it so that you can visit Handlebars in Silverton. A fun, touristy, little restaurant with great service, food, and dessert.

Peach Cobbler 😍

And that is that. A free campsite, beautiful views, and an awesome place to go eat and hang out…

What more do you want from me? Get your butt to Colorado already!

 ✌🏻 Amanda

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