Every now and again I get completely overwhelmed with what I’m “supposed” to write and just feel like… the hell with it! I also have a tendency to fall pretty far behind with blogging and social media, leaving people wondering where we are and what we are doing.

Plus, this past month has been crazy and now, in some sad attempt to get myself back on track, despite all of the cold meds I’m on (medicine head is so real), here is an update. A thoughtless, easy to write, update.

Currently I’m…
  • Sick – if you haven’t heard. Two weeks deep into this thing and the cough shows no signs of stopping. It’s really great. This is one of the main reasons I choose the antisocial life. It’s been over two years since I was sick last, I spent time with a large group of people, and now here we are — sick AF.
  • Feeling incredibly lucky that so many took time out of their lives to come and visit Aaron and I all the way in Utah. I love you guys!
  • Not completely mad about being social… I’m happy to report that we have made some cool new friends while in Moab and Aaron and I will be seeing them again soon.
  • Also recovering from a few too many rounds of Jenga. I don’t know how you play… but we only play the game while drinking… typically heavily. Drinking before the game, shots, shots if you knock down the tower, more shots… it really ends up turning into more and more bad choices all around. 
  • Loving Colorado. I think the mountains are the perfect location for me… snow is my all time favorite and I am so glad we decided to come now instead of waiting for the weather to warm up.
  • Cracking up over all of the photos and videos I don’t remember from when Mike and Ryan were visiting. I keep finding new ones and laughing way too hard.

After that video… I think it’s time to end this lol

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