03.16 – 03.23.2017
Lees Ferry Campground – Marble Canyon, Arizona

Aaron and I rolled into Marble Canyon with dreams of camping in a beautiful free boondocking site on the edge of a canyon… but, as with many of our plans, our stay didn’t turn out that way.

A fence/gate and steep drop-off, combined with our rig length made it impossible — much disappointment, some discussion, and a night spent on the side of the road followed instead.

Early the next day we made our way over to the campground in the area. I was getting pretty nervous; on the drive over, Verizon was bouncing between 1x and nothing. Obviously, that is never going to be ok, Internet is a must. The views were beautiful, but without the ability to post them on Instagram, did they even happen?

Luckily, as soon as we pulled into the Lees Ferry Campground the LTE bars of Verizon popped right back up. This was probably one of the more redeeming qualities of the campground… if you remember, I’m not a big fan of campgrounds in general, but I guess this one was fine. We got a decent site in the back so we didn’t really have neighbors, which was nice.

We weren’t there to really spend time in camp anyway so it all worked out. The surrounding area was so beautiful, and we got out of the Airstream for a lot of adventure despite the sky rocketing temperatures. The location was close to a beach on the Colorado river and lots of rocks for hiking, which I had been desperately missing.

I’m really glad Marble Canyon was a stop on our list. It was a beautiful destination and I definitely recommend it — even more so if you can get into the boondocking location!

Did I mention the boondocking location had lightening fast internet? LTE is so important these days… probably more important than access to water or garbage, but that’s just my humble opinion. 😁

Are we the only ones who have this much trouble making plans that actually work out?

And also, where do you stand on the importance of internet coverage?

✌🏻 Amanda

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