So, here we are – Clean into May and my baby brother, Ryan, just turned 25…

I’ve written about him a couple times before, but this is probably my favorite post.

I think it’s fairly clear, from that post or if you know us at all, that we have a pretty weird special relationship… Even though he has a closed fist in the above photo, like I have cooties.

I’m pretty sure that my obsessive compulsive need to protect others started with Ryan… From the very beginning it was my goal to keep him safe and ward off bad guys. Unlike a lot of older siblings, I never disliked him – Even when he murdered the Barbies. I just assume that they had it coming.

Now that I’m really thinking about it, we probably should have been more concerned about the Barbie situation… I mean, is ripping ALL of the heads off of one identifiable group a problem? Eh, probably too late to worry about it now.

What I’m trying to say, is that we have always been close. Even when Aaron and I reached an age where we would take trips together without the family, I always wanted Ryan to come. I remember trying to get him to come with us to NYC and Mexico. Yet here we are, the kid is 25 and he hasn’t been anywhere cool.

In 2013, Aaron and I got married, and Ryan was there to help the entire time. He took care of organizing the photography, and my personal favorite, he let the bartender know when to cut people off. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without all of his help… I guess I’m not the only protector in the family. 😊

When we bought the Airstream it caused a little tension. Ryan was not thrilled with the idea, but I think we’ve made it work… We text and have phone calls, we snapchat and do video calls – It’s not the same as being at home, but I think traveling makes those times even better than they were when we were young.

We spend so much time together when I’m back in Michigan… It’s really one of my favorite parts of traveling. Many late nights, lots of Jenga & junk food, and all of the bad selfies.

I don’t really know where this post is going…

I guess I just wanted to say Happy Birthday & have the opportunity to reflect and share all of these awkward pictures – Just like a mother.

So, Happy Birthday brother! I love you more than life and I cannot believe you’re a grown up.😍😭

While writing this post, I realized that we don’t have any pictures from 2017… But I’m so happy to report that will be changing very soon! Ryan and Mike will be here (Moab, UT) in just a couple short days. I can’t even handle the excitement… I hope you’re ready for lots of embarrassing photos.

Is this normal…?

Are any of you this close to your siblings? Or should I try to like him less?

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