Making the most of your trip to Horseshoe Bend is fairly easy. Just do what exactly what we did: Sleep at Walmart and show up for sunrise. This was literally the only time that the area wasn’t swarming with people. Which, ya know, I’m seriously not okay with.

We tried to go one evening for the sunset (optimal photography opportunity). We pulled into the parking lot and I was like, nope – no fucking way. And, personally, I think the photos from sunrise are really pretty too… At the very least, it’s worth avoiding all the people.

I was actually ready to be completely disappointed.

All of the people, all of the expectations – it’s just normal for things that you’ve been waiting to see to let you down. However, to my surprise, it was really just as amazing as the desktop wallpapers.

I can admit that sunset probably does offer better lighting conditions for iPhone photography.

I think we are both glad that we fit this destination into our schedule. It took some planning (which we aren’t great at) but it turned out to be an awesome experience.

I would definitely recommend going to see it for yourself. So, I’ve convinced you. Now, exactly how do you make the most of your trip to Horseshoe Bend? Get to the attraction early, bring a lunch, and leave your questionably trained dog in the parking lot. Simple as that!

Have you been to Horseshoe Bend or do you want to go?

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