It look thirty years of life on this planet, but I finally got to The Grand Canyon.

Honestly, I think it came at the perfect time. Most of our travel friends had sufficiently lowered my expectations… So that when I finally saw it, I was pleasantly surprised.


Aaron, Kalie, and I made the drive from Cottonwood, AZ up to The South Rim of the canyon with the plan of just making it a long day trip. Which, in my opinion, was the perfect amount of time.

We had a cooler, low expectations, and we were ready for anything.


It was very cool eating chips & dip on the tailgate, while overlooking this big ass canyon. It feels like it goes on forever… I can admit that it was definitely not the same as every canyon I’ve been too. And as a bonus the hard orange soda that Aaron packed helped me to forget about all of the people swarming.

Totally kidding Linda, I wasn’t drunk on the edge of a canyon, I swear.



We were impressed enough… Kalie not so much. Typical.

She was all about looking and leaning over the edge/scaring the shit out of me and visiting with all the randoms that would pay her the least bit of attention. But just relaxing and taking it all in wasn’t something she was down for.

We stopped at a few different view points, but we didn’t walk all that much, even though they have a trail that follows the rim. Walking in crowds with Kalie isn’t my idea of fun. Walking in general really isn’t all that fun… but maybe that’s just me. Either way! It was cool and we had a really nice visit.


Have you been? Did you think it was grand? lol

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