Let’s start by talking about FREE camping.

03.04 – 03.16.2017
Thousand Trails, Rd – Cottonwood, Arizona

We stayed at this nice BLM spot about 25 minutes outside of Sedona. It was fairly busy, but it was quiet, our view was nice, and it was closely located to everything you could ask for.

The Verizon coverage was good but slow. It worked well enough to get work done during the day and stream Netflix at night, so I’m really not complaining. Although, I do wish I could have streamed Spotify more reliably.

I really think the quality of your stay at this site depends on what spot you can wiggle your way into. We parked against a tree and a wash so nobody could really get too close. We had enough privacy to encourage us to stay for almost two weeks, but the place was crowded so I had some concerns that we might end up getting blocked in (we didn’t).


Now that’s talk about activities.

While staying in Cottonwood we were incredibly active little tourists. We visited Jerome, Tuzigoot National Monument, we drove The Broken Arrow Trail, and we hung out a few times in Historic Cottonwood.

Tuzigoot National Monument
The monument was a reconstruction of what used to stand in its place.


The truck was ready for The Broken Arrow Trail



It was nice to be amongst the red rock and dirt again. But, it got us really itching to move on up into Utah.

Aaron and I also took the scenic drive from Cottonwood, through Sedona, up to Flagstaff. It was a really beautiful drive, and the elevation changes were crazy. We left 80* weather and ended up with snow in Flagstaff!

I fucking love snow…


Don’t let me fool you, we had a few down days too! It wasn’t always go, go, go. We did laundry and we stayed home eating chips & dip playing Jenga (more than once). We also made friends with a lot of cattle.

Kalie is always down for down time.


One last thing that we did… that I am really excited about and that I would highly recommend, is take a day trip to The South Rim of The Grand Canyon!

You can read about that day trip HERE!

✌🏻 Amanda

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Sedona, Arizona