You might be wondering what that classy photo is doing here to introduce you to the 37 song set of April. Well friends, this is a pretty important month. Shout out to the birthday posts coming soon for my brother (04.29) and Breanna (04.14).

On top of the importance that April always carries, just barely before the creation of this playlist, I was reintroduced to my high school LiveJournal, circa 2004-05. Cringe worthy is a complete understatement. The “current music” section brought on a wave of musical memories that helped inspire some pretty strange contributions this month.

The Used – Blue & Yellow (2002)

Punk, emo, alternative, this song is all the good things from when being a teenager was so fucking hard. I really don’t even know what else to say about it… Plaid pants and BMX bikes?

Literally, whenever this song comes on I go back in time to South Highland, the 89x count down, and wearing too much eyeliner. You remember the days, cutting out bands and taping them to your school books, black everything, including nail polish. Being young, rebellious, and way too punk.

Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris – Yeah! (2004)

Classic Usher, making cheating sound good and soulful. Lil Jon, as always, coming in the background at critical points giving those of us who can’t sing parts to participate. And Ludacris… man… what would we do without his contribution to this song? It really brings it all together and lets each and every one of us showcase our slow rap skills. The three of them together made pure magic with this track and dance floors are still grateful.

This song makes reminds me of every single school dance that happened after it’s release (it also reminds me of Lean Back by Terror Squad but that’s a different talk). Everyone knew all the words, we all sang, we all danced… it was completely inappropriate and every time was like the greatest night of our lives. It’s one of those songs that comes on and as soon as it starts your mood is better. Don’t you love songs like that?

Insert awkward & difficult to read LiveJournal screenshots!


John Michael Montgomery – Be My Baby Tonight (1994)

This song is what I would call 90’s country rap. It is fast paced and the artist leaves it all out on the floor. If you’re in a bad mood when the song starts, you can expect John Michael Montgomery to have it turned around by the middle. An important note about this song: back in 1994 there were no lyric websites, so near the end of the song, he also goes ahead and does you a little favor, he slows it way down and lets you take some notes so that you have the chance to figure out every word and memorize the lyrics.

If it sounds like I am speaking from experience, that would be because I am… this song has great memories that come along with it. I remember being a small kid, hanging out with the neighbor boy who had recently been rejected by a girl. Somehow, he had decided that this song was the only way to her heart and that he was going to memorize it. I don’t remember what happened with the girl, but we all memorized every single word, and I still know them all today.

That’s my very first best friend, Ryan, & me. It was his brother w/ girl problems.

April 2017

I can tell you already that Blow Me Away – Recent Rumors is going to be a favorite this month. I cannot wait to hear more from this band. Please tell me you like it too. Unlike most bands that I fall for immediately, I think this one has the opportunity to be pretty mainstream.

I want to know what you think!

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