I may not be showing a lot of progress in my midsection, but how about my upper body strength? Look at me holding that boulder up! Eh? Nice right?

But really, lets see how things are going since this post two weeks ago.

Oh look! Things are exactly the fucking same! Cool. 😑

Exercise Goals:
3,000 steps, six days a week
daily assigned body weight exercises, Monday thru Friday
(FAIL) 45 minutes of walking, seven days a week 
(SUCCESS) daily assigned body weight exercises, Monday thru Friday

I’m about 50/50 on my fitness goals. Since I succeeded with my workouts, I’m going to continue with them and the schedule that I’m on. But I’m excited to increase the weights that I am going to be using. Gains!

As far as the walking/cardio goes… that didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked; but, Aaron and I have been walking more. We’ve also been paying more attention to the pedometers on our iPhones. 3,000 steps might seem like nothing to you, but for us it is a solid goal to work towards right now, and once we hit that successfully, we can continue to push for more.

Diet Goals:
eat meals at home, five days a week
log daily into MFP
(SUCCESS) eat dinner at home, five days a week

Eating dinner at home five days a week was accomplished, but if I want to see progress I am going to need to do better than that. I would really like to focus on eating the majority of my meals at home whenever possible. Then of course logging everything into MyFitnessPal, even when it isn’t something I want to see. Pizza rolls? Ugh…

I’m trying out a new program and my calorie goal each day is 1,676? Wish me luck and lots of progress over the next two weeks!

Are you trying to get fit this spring? Do you have any tips or recommendations?

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