Part One: January 28th – February 2nd
Part Two: February 3rd – February 16th

We had already said goodbye to Will & Gabi, so there was nothing else keeping us in California. The week was coming to an end and that meant move day was upon the caravan. It was time to get back to Arizona, where gas is cheap and saguaros are plentiful.


The Flying Cloud, Flying Fuck, and Flying Unicorn rolled into camp in Ajo, Arizona just in time to watch a beautiful sunset. Pretty standard occurrence these days… sunsets and cacti – no complaints.


(02.02 – 02.10.17) Camping in Ajo was something we’ve been planning to do for like a year, so ending up at Darby Well was no accident. We stayed at that site for a week and enjoyed every day. The weather was so good! We sat in the sun and we even had two outdoor movie nights.

Good weather, be it warm or cold (if you’re into that), and activities are two more keys to a successful road trip and camping

We went to town a couple of times to checkout some thrift stores and to go to lunch. But, I think my favorite part was all the exploring around Organ Pipe National Monument that we did. We spent a day there on our own and we went back for a trip with Kyle & Olivia.


I guess this is the only place in The United States that Organ Pipe Cacti grow. And to be fair, they are pretty fucking cool. I’d recommend it for a day trip.


After pretending to be a cactus myself, we checked out the border fence.


I “broke into” Mexico


Our stay went by so fast, and the end of our time in Ajo, also meant the end of our time with Greg & Gary. It was a sad day… they definitely bring the energy to the group.

Even more sad, we didn’t really get to say goodbye. We were supposed to meet for dinner but we got our campgrounds confused and needed to head to Tucson sooner than we planned.


The only good thing that happened was the Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to have one today.

I watched a YouTube Vlog about these & now I’m addicted… it’s a problem

Another pro tip for a bomb road trip: FOOD. 

(02.10 – 02.12.17) We made it to Tucson and our boondocking location (Snyder Hill) was very full. I honestly wanted to leave as soon as we got there, but we finally found a site big enough for both of our rigs up on a hill. We set up camp and it was a great site for solar, but it was getting into the high 80’s with no shade, no bueno.

It really wasn’t looking good from day one.


We also had horrible neighbors, stray dogs, and ridiculous amounts of noise. We ended up staying for two nights, instead of the entire week we had planned. Just long enough to eat, shop, and fix Kyle’s truck.


(02.12 – 02.16.17) By midday Sunday, we were on our way to Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area. Our final destination in the Arizona Caravan.


Nobody was ready for it to end. Kyle was begging us to come to Texas and we were trying to get them to come north. There were also points where we just pretended it wasn’t happening at all (my favorite way to handle any situation). We kept eating and exploring like it would never end.




But alas, the day finally came to say goodbye and it was as awful as expected.

Which brings us to my final tip for an awesome road trip:

Travel with people you like less. This makes goodbyes a lot easier. OR
Don’t say goodbye until you’ve finally gotten sick of one another.


Lets recap!

How To Road Trip With Friends

  1. Walkie-Talkies
  2. Radio Names
  3. Vehicle Names
  4. A Leader (that keeps things interesting)
  5. Good Weather
  6. Activities (mostly unscheduled)
  7. Food (preferably delicious & prepared by someone else)
  8. People You Love

See guys, it’s easy and less than 10 steps to have a bomb ass road trip.

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