Arizona Caravan, Road Trip

Part One: January 28th – February 2nd

Our road trip (otherwise known as a caravan) departed from Quartzsite, AZ with Kyle & Olivia, Greg & Gary, and Will & Gabi. The initial plan was for the journey together to be an entirely Arizona based caravan, but from day one, things got a little off track.

We were the lead vehicle, so really, off track was the only way for things to go.


A brief introduction: Having a successful road trip is easy, all you need are the following things: walkie-talkies, radio names, names for your vehicles, and a great leader. Or an ok, bordering on bad leader, if you want to have more fun!

We had established radio names during the time we spent in Quartzsite, so that got the rolling out process going quite a bit faster.

Aaron: Old Man (Aaron)
Kyle: Black Ranger
Olivia: Original Gangster/OG
Greg: Anaconda
Gary: Snake Charmer
Me: Purple Erkle
Gabi: Princess Long & Hard

Next the rigs needed naming, which was accomplished pretty quickly.

The Airstream is the Flying Cloud, and Greg & Gary’s rig is already affectionately known as the Flying Unicorn (FU for short). Obviously, Kyle & Olivia had to be the Flying something. We voted and Fiber Stream wasn’t going to cut it. Before long, their rig took on the title Flying Fuck.

We packed up, we hitched up, everybody got a walkie-talkie, and we hit the road. Ready to get to Mittry Lake and settle in for the week.

But of course! Mittry Lake was jammed full of people and we needed an alternative destination. So normal for us, not really for everyone else. After some discussion and about another hour of travel we ended up at American Girl Mine in California.


Kalie enjoys her privacy.

One of my favorite boondocking spots, AGM has plenty of space to be close, but not too close. It was a really nice change from our overcrowded camp in Quartzsite. Plus our internet was blazing fast and the sunsets are amazing.


While at AGM this year, we took the time to explore.

(01.30.17) As a group we took a short off road adventure and went to The Tumco Historic Townsite. I’ll be honest, I didn’t learn anything, but I had a really good time.

It was like a school field trip in all the best ways… distracted and goofing off with friends rather than paying attention? Y’all know what I’m talking about.





desert love

(01.31.17) Aaron and I also did a little exploring on our own. Not much, but we went for some drives and checked out a few of the mines. It was good to get some hiking in, but we didn’t really see anything that interesting. And of course what we did see, looks so much less impressive in photos.




Overall, we had a really good time at American Girl. There were no other people and the weather was perfect. We had dinner together most nights, we had girls trips to Target, it was actually kind of like a real vacation.



(02.02.17) Saying goodbye to Will and Gabi was a sad day. We finished out our time together with Mexican food and a ridiculous trip to the grocery store… it was a very fitting end to a crazy time together.

Next time an actual Arizona Caravan! See you soon. 🙂

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