Today I woke up and did my usual social media posts, checked up on what I had missed while sleeping, and then checked my Timehop. That’s how everybody does it right? Well, this particular morning, I should have had coffee first.

Right there in my Timehop, the only personal photos taken “on this day,” I came across my very first “before” photos. Professionally shot on my Motorola, five years ago, in the Target fitting room. Because really, everyone knows if you want to be depressed and feel shitty about yourself, the Target fitting room is the place to go. Anyway, it’s fair to say that I was not prepared.

I obviously wasn’t planning on ever showing these pictures to anyone. Which I think is clear based on my photogenic “smile” and superior photography skills. This was also long before Timehop, so the pictures just sat hidden in my email, not glaring at me when I check my phone at 9am.

The point is, I’m writing today’s Top 5 Friday to showcase my previous weight loss/fitness/personal posts. It’s a fun chance to get to know me and this portion of my life a little better… if you’re into that. If you’re not into that… Bye?

1)  Don’t Talk About It, Be About It – September 8th, 2014

This is a really nice recap of my journey (I hate calling it that). Started on the elliptical, now we’re here. If you’ve been wondering why I randomly started writing about working out and other things fitness related, now you’ll understand why.


2)  My Favorite Fitness/Weight Loss Quote – October 15, 2014

If the “five years ago” on those photos didn’t give it away, I’ve been working on this healthy life transformation for a long time. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see people being successful so much more quickly.


3)  I am terrified I am going to get fat again – October 18, 2014

I’m not sure if that is a normal fear to have… but I think it has something to do with the ups and downs of this entire thing. It’s always progress and then a little (or a lot) back tracking. Everything is always changing which makes it difficult to ever really figure it all out.

4)  Checking In – October 8, 2015

What did I say about ups and downs? Progress and failures? This post talks about the roller coaster that is my weight loss and fitness journey in a little more detail. It’s also a rant about the differences between a blog personality and Instagram life. Quite riveting…


5)  Why I Love Working Out – October 1, 2015

This is a post that you might actually find useful! Four reasons why I love working out and you should too. I know it doesn’t feel like it, at least to me, but working out is actually good for you!

Are any of you on a weight loss journey or trying to transform your life?

I would love to hear about it!

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