Time is flying by. Everybody is releasing new music and the seasons are changing. Can you believe it’s about to be spring? I actually can, it’s supposed to be 72* here. God bless traveling with the weather.

Alright, let’s get into the details of the March playlist, we have so much to cover. We’ve included a good assortment of artists and genres from across a pretty broad time period. This playlist also has a couple of, in my opinion, one hit wonders, my favorite!

For example, Scott Halman’s 21 Days is my version of the absolute best kind of love song. What makes the best kind of love song, you ask? There are zombies and he and this girl probably die in the end. And yet, its still catchy, while remaining chill, and overall it sounds like a classic love song. I really enjoy it, however, I haven’t found another song by him that I really like…

In all fairness, Mike and I tend to find bands that are just starting out, or have an extremely small following. So, a lot of times their song selection is pretty limited for awhile.

Like Ansel Elgort, (Spoiler Alert! That’s the dude that dies in The Fault In Our Stars) a great actor, but he only has two songs on Spotify right now, and Thief is significantly better than the other. It’s kind of gritty without being explicit or inappropriate which can be hard to find. What I like is that the song has a pretty heavy beat during each of the verses and pre-chorus, but then it drops off during the actual chorus. The pattern gives the song a really interesting feel.

Speaking of fairness, I think now would be a good time for Mike to defend himself regarding the random NSYNC bomb in this month’s playlist. I could also use an explanation on that Front Bottoms song… it’s a little out there even for me.

(Blue text denotes Mike’s writing!)

Picture it, you’re browsing Spotify, you see a song, and calmly you think, “Hmm, I like that,” adding it to your list of songs to be used later. Then, months later, (or years??) you wander across that same song and immediately start belting the lyrics out like you’re back in elementary school at Skate World trying to impress that girl you’ve never even talked to before. (Was impress the word he was really looking for?) Now you’ve experienced my exact process for choosing NSYNC’s Tearin’ Up My Heart

Finally, we end with one of my favorite bands of all time: The Front Bottoms and their song Be Nice To Me. I actually plan on doing a full post on these guys over on my blog (shameless plug), because they are just so, so good. Admittedly, it does take a minute to warm up to them, but eventually you give in and let it take over. Right, Amanda?

This month’s choice is a dramatic song (because all Front Bottoms’ songs kind of are…), which features a young couple struggling through their relationship. At one point, the singer exclaims that his girl’s voice is driving him insane. Sounds like love to me. 

Even though the subject matter deals with a stressful relationship, it has a fast paced and upbeat tempo, and that contrast is one of the main reasons I love this particular song by the band so much. Also he howls like a werewolf, and who doesn’t like that? This really is just another song in a long line of amazing, over the top tunes, and I urge anyone to check them out.

Final March 2017

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But if you’re too busy for all that good music, just check out the fifteen favorites. 👍🏻💕

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