It’s always fun to get out and explore a brand new area that you happen to be visiting. For us that means we take tons of pictures, I try to take notes so that I can remember the good and the bad for when I share stories, and usually we go and try out the local food… but that’s mostly because we are lazy and always hungry.

I think that it’s important to really try and get a full experience of every place you visit. Otherwise, why go at all! In my head (and my Instagram) in order to share that “full experience” the perfect set of photos tend to include a shot with a scenic road heading off into the distance and nothing but the beautiful landscape following.

So for this Top Five Friday, I am sharing our (that’s right, we picked them together) five favorite scenic road photos. In no particular order, of course, because that would have been far too much work.

August 28, 2016 – Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming)
August 26, 2016 – Devil’s Tower National Monument (Wyoming)
October 18, 2016 – Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)
September 15, 2016 – Glacier National Park (Montana)
February 8, 2017 – Organ Pipe National Monument (Arizona)

✌🏻 Amanda

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