The rules were simple. We were given a list of items and we had to take a picture of our team with everything on the list. Here are the results:

#1) Your Team Name: The Salty Cat Operatives

An excellent group of ladies (Olivia, Gabi, and Monkey). We were prepared to kick ass and win this competition. Once we finally made it out of the house.

 #2) Identically Dressed Couple: The couple that rides together…

We walked into The Big Tent and immediately saw this adorable couple wearing the same outfits and holding hands.

I was feeling like this challenge might be impossible (it was timed!), but this pair of old folk made me believe.

#3) Animal in a Stroller: Just why…


This lady thought we were crazy… probably because we chased her down yelling, “excuse me ma’am! we’re doing a thing and we need your dog!”

#4) A Person w/ a Picture of Their Rig on Their Shirt: Innovation 🙌🏻

We couldn’t find any weirdos wearing shirts with their own rigs on them, so we did the best we could to become the weirdos ourselves. Olivia was hesitant at first, but we talked her into it.

#5) As Seen On TV: Check out this amazing new product!


Why do they sell As Seen On TV everywhere now? They’ve ruined the splendor… The three of us even got stranded looking at it in Target for like 20 minutes.

#6) RV From Another Country/Continent: uh… is this good enough?

I think we may have promised the man running this booth that we would use his business to book an international tour.

#7) Most People In an RV Bathroom: Aaron can sit on the toilet!


Quick! Everyone in JP’s bathroom. This was the last picture we were missing to finish the scavenger hunt and we were determined to make it happen.

#8) Sleeping Dog: HURRY! He’s sleeping over there!

Of course we were too excited and we woke him up, but he quickly went back to sleep so it wasn’t even a big deal. We apologized to him?

#9) A Large Crowd Looking at You: Whatever it takes!

This one was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be. It took us multiple attempts and Gabi and I both had to do awkward embarrassing things. I got my hair done by this random dude and she tried out a workout machine, while strangers stared at her ass.

#10) Food on a Stick: Lets be original… Shark!

It was so so bad… and the man even made it “fresh” for me. I will never ever in my life eat shark again. It was the worst.. I don’t have any idea what I was expecting but it was definitely not that.

#11) Something that Starts w/ a ‘Z’: Awkward


This dude (Jeremiah or something) let us hold his zucchini. 🙄

#12) Mule Days Booth


I don’t really get the purpose of this booth… but I did enter to win the belt buckle that I’m holding in the picture. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t win.

#13) Demonstrating a Product: Carpet, Hardwood, & Vinyl Flooring!

I was seriously so excited by this broom/mop thing, that the dude had to remind me that he was going to take a picture. And we actually ended up buying two of them. Best purchase in Quartzsite.

#14) Spinning a Wheel for a Prize: Big Money! Big Money!

I guess we got too excited about spinning the wheel and the blurry pictures show it pretty clearly. HA! Get it? Anyway, the reality is, the lady wouldn’t let us spin it for real. Rude.

#15) Test Driving Something


This was actually like the second picture we took, and I was still feeling a little shy about the entire situation. Clearly, I was the only reserved one on my team, but, it should be noted that we were all completely sober.

#16) In A Spa: Just relaxing totally clothed…no big deal.


Completely. Sober. and having the time of our lives.

#17) Something Fried That Shouldn’t Be: Like most things…

Fried avocado?! No thank you. Fried cheese & chicken? Yes please. 👍🏻🙌🏻

#18) Least Useful Product: And rudest salesmen



Anti-aging facelift gel: but only the young blonde girl is allowed to test it. What a jack ass. He also asked if Gabi was my mother, then my sister, then my friend. Failure on all levels. To be noted: their faces burned for the rest of the scavenger hunt.

#19) Most Overpriced Item: this may seem familiar…


$48 for a frickin’ shirt?! Are you out of your mind??

#20) The Dometic Booth (sitting on a toilet) w/ Jeff

“You’re a lion! You’re a tiger! Be a cat! A SALTY CAT!”

#21) The Escapees Booth

Yep. A random stranger put a sticker on my butt and for the good of the team I just let it happen. She also hung a messenger bag full of shit over my head.

In the end, I had weird hair but we won!! Now, I honestly think that is all of the embarrassment I can handle in one day. ✌🏻


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