What a week… am I right? I started working out again, I painted my nails, I’ve been exploring Arizona, Mike & Ryan booked a trip to Moab to visit me in May. It all sounds very legit, right? Either way, I’m exhausted. Although, I can admit that it has had no effect on my media consumption. Good music is at an all time high right now and I am pumped to share some with you.

First up, Cat Power – I Don’t Blame You. Slow, chill, and striking (as Cat Power always is). You can’t help but sing along and feel slightly depressed and yet totally forgiving every time you hear it. I feel comfortable saying that this is one of her best songs.

Sticking with the sad/break up theme, because those are the jams I’m always up for, next is Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark with If You Leave. The three highlights of this song should stand out to anyone on the first listen: 1) It is so fucking 80s – I can’t stop smiling. 2) It is essentially like singing to the male version of Cher. It goes high, then, abruptly goes low, it is a roller coaster for your vocal chords and it feels so right. 3) IS THAT A SAXOPHONE?

A brand new song that has been stuck in my head on repeat since it’s release: Vinyl Theatre – 30 seconds. The sound itself is upbeat but don’t let that fool you. The lyrics and thought behind the song are incredibly deep and thought provoking. “I don’t mind – 30 seconds or a lifetime” To me, the song speaks about how short life can be, so we should enjoy every second of it.

Another new release: Alright by The Wild Wild. This song actually does not fall into the breakup category. Even though it is about relationships, it has a upbeat pop tone. Not only is this song great, The Wild Wild also has a few great playlists to listen to on their Spotify account. I recommend checking it out if you enjoy a mixture of new and old like I do.

And Lastly, my fifth favorite this Friday comes from my current favorite band: Mrs. Magician. It was hard for me to choose a top song because, to be honest, they are almost all my favorite song. For the purposes of Top Five Friday, I made the sacrifice and I went with Angel Baby. (It’s more of an entry level Mrs. Magician song, this way I don’t scare anyone off.) It sounds like a classic oldies song, in the way that kind of makes me want to don a poodle skirt. It’s slow, it’s chill, it’s heartfelt, it’s everything you need… to cry it out after a breakup.

Have a great weekend y’all & let me know if you’re listening to anything that I should be listening to!

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Top Five Music Favorites