In short, my time in Michigan was spent hardly sleeping, spending time with the people I love, eating, drinking, and gaining weight having fun.

I tried to take advantage of every second I spent at home. I had lunch almost everyday with someone different. Which was great for quality time but not so good for the waistline…

Or maybe the waistline issue came more from the repetitive dining out at lunch followed by dining out for dinner? Either way I enjoyed myself.

If you remember my Ticked Off Tuesday post from before I went home, I had been starving in the desert for far too long. This trip was the equivalent of going to the grocery store hungry.

I actually did do more than eating.

One of my favorite memories from my time at home was when we put the Christmas tree up. It was a total shit show, we couldn’t find the lights, they forced us to take pictures in front of it. Clearly, it was a total magic moment.



Something I noticed while in Michigan is that most people aren’t really used to having their every move photographed for the internet. And, most of them don’t really like it. I, of course, did not let that stop me.

I even got to go bowling while I was home. Aaron hates bowling! I think it’s because I’m so good? It is definitely not because I’m good. 😂 I did an awful job, but I had a lot of fun.

look, it’s finally Happy Mike!


For the record, Ryan and I also had sober fun. We hung out with my grandpa and made sugar cookies. As a kid I used to make them all the time with him. It was really nice to have such a special chill time together.

Amanda (no sleep ever) & Ryan (ray charles can drive)
my grandfather LOVES selfies…


There are no photos of the finished cookies… because… we ate them.

Check out part two of my time in Michigan later this week!

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