Creation of the February 2017 Playlist was more interesting than usual and yet strangely simple at the same time.

Typically, Mike and I are together when we do these playlists or we simulate being together by using Google Hangout. But this time around Aaron and I were in Quartzsite, Arizona where the internet is garbage and video calling is a no go. So Mike and I had to make it happen in a new way, using all technology at our disposal. We ended up using a combination of Google Chat and FaceTime data calling. It went surprisingly well.

The easier side of things came to the actual making of the playlist itself. It was probably beneficial that I had very little additional music to contribute to the effort.

Combined we started with only 89 songs. Which is half of what we usually start with, so from there we only had to eliminate 44.

Deleting 44 songs compared to the typical 100+ was like not a big deal. February ended up a really great mix of new stuff, old stuff, and really weird stuff.

The January list was also a really good mixture of genre and tone, make sure you go check it out and pay close attention to my favorites!

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