12.03 – 01.06.2017
Sam’s Family Spa – Desert Hot Springs, California

Aaron ended up at Sam’s while I was home in Michigan visiting my family. He spoke to friends who were there and living it up in the hot tubs and decided he was in the mood for socialization.

Sam's Family Spa

He spent just over two weeks at Sam’s on his own before I got there. Every night I heard about how amazing the pools were, and how warm it was. Meanwhile, I was in Michigan in blizzard after blizzard. 😑

Sam's Family Spa

The park was pretty busy the entire time we were there, but noise was never an issue. Everyone quieted down and headed indoors every night at a reasonable hour, and nobody seemed to be getting up too early. Even on New Years Eve the place was pretty chill, which is a total win in my book.

I’ve even heard that the paid wifi was pretty good, but Aaron and I used our Verizon LTE the entire time. I mean, why pay for something twice right? The park also has several large dumpsters for residents to use. Something we are not used to while boondocking.

The restrooms were pretty clean too, and with the lock on the outside of the door, I didn’t hesitate to use them. Even with a full hook-up site, we still have a composting toilet to consider. So, running water is a huge perk.

Another perk? Palm Trees!

Sam's Family Spa

Speaking of huge perks. Aaron picked me up at the airport in Palm Springs after a horrendously long travel day, and when we got home there was a birthday cake waiting for me. 😍

Sam's Family Spa
Then he sang to me. Loudly. 🙂

The surprises kept on coming. The trailer was spotless, he had some of my favorite foods, and then he flipped a switch and the Christmas lights in the trailer came on. I love Christmas lights!

Sam's Family Spa
He hung Christmas lights for me. He knows how much I love them!

We did a lot of exploring during our stay at Sam’s. We ended up doing some off roading, going to a Jewish Deli in Palm Springs for Christmas, eating Mexican with our friends, and driving up the mountain to Big Bear so that we could see snow on Christmas Eve.


Sam's Family Spa Gang
thanks to Drivin’ & Vibin’ for the photo





Highly recommend. 👍🏻

✌🏻 Amanda

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