Back in June 2013 Breanna and I started a little friendly weight loss competition between the two of us. I remember we were both so fed up with knowing what we needed to do and never following through. Flash forward some years and we are back where we started. Big surprise right? Well, this time around we are also forcing Mike to publicly embarrass himself. So, that’s your surprise for the day. 😉

I think the rules are better this time around too.

Similar to DietBet (the website), we are each aiming to lose 4% a month and if we hit that goal we don’t have to pay anything. If you don’t reach your goal you pay $50 to be split between whoever did.

Let’s meet the contestants & see the goals!

Amanda (me) >> SW: 135 lbs – GW: 125 lbs

Mike >> SW: 176 lbs – GW: 161 lbs

Breanna >> SW: 200 lbs – GW: 185 lbs

Before I wrap this up, lets hear it for the willingness to post before photos on the internet. It’s not easy and these two definitely had to force me to do it.

Secondly, the competition ends on March 8th and I will be posting update posts between now and then.

Wish us luck, it should get interesting. 😂

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