It is the end of an era people. The closing of 2016.

With the door closing on that shit show, another one closes on the very first year of this collaborative playlist effort between Mike and I. I am happy to report that it is going really well and our music choices continue to get better and better.

From the very beginning, I have been telling Mike to give me 15 songs of my own and everything would be more chill (read: less violent). Well! He has finally listened and December 2016 is the last playlist of only 30 songs. Beginning with January we will be adding another full 15 songs!

After how over prepared I was for November’s playlist, I didn’t quite feel ready to take on December. I only have three ‘ya might dig it’ lists and my brain was still fried.

Have no fear. We made it work & went on to create magic together in Michigan. We finished December 2016 and the Top 75. Both of which, I’ll be honest, are really fucking good.

What an intense process. We both obviously have varying opinions on what the hits of the month should be. So, we ended up taking five runs at that playlist. We finally came to a finished product mere hours before I left for the airport. It took us about a month, but it happened.

Team work at its finest.

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