We had some scheduling conflicts this month so the playlist was a little late. Which is keeping on trend for everything else blog related. But, Mike and I finally got together to smash our random song collection together while Aaron was home in Michigan.

Maddi, Aaron, & Seth

The good (?) news about it being so late in the month, and Aaron leaving me in California when he went home, is that I had plenty of time to make a ton of random playlists.

It’s either good news or horribly overwhelming… or both. I enjoyed having so much to listen to, but then it was impossible to be nice to Mike when he was trying to trim the list back to only 30 songs. Luckily Kalie helped and everything ended up okay.


Isn’t she the cutest little office aide you’ve ever seen? She starts whining pretty hardcore when she’s not a fan of a song that we are listening to. Fun Fact: She particularly hates Dave Matthews Band. Isn’t that interesting Mike?

You might be wondering: how did November turn out? Well, I made a shit ton of playlists, as you saw. And, Mike did a lot of traveling and didn’t really have many fresh songs to contribute. Plus, he was very overcome by his new love of country music. So, long story short, this is probably the weirdest playlist yet… and by weird I mean like the sound of unicorn hair blowing in the wind… ya feel me? 🦄 🎶

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November 2016