Three major things happened between October 16th & October 23rd. Is that right…? Three? I guess we’ll figure it out together.

Anyway, major things, including:

  1. Crater Lake National Park. What is it? I have no idea. Truthfully, I still didn’t exactly get to see it, because something better happened. What happened you ask? It snowed! A big fat major blizzard! It was beautiful and my face hurt from smiling.
  2. We got a new mattress. It’s so comfortable and thick and luxurious… I’m writing this blog from it right now. I want to spend all my time here. I love this new bed of ours.
  3. Hmmmm… I guess maybe it was only two things. Oops.

Our camp was beautiful and deserted. Seriously, hardly any people at all, totally free, and it was just so pretty! The only downsides would be the rain and the lack of sun. It’s a give and take… ya can’t have everything, especially for free.


Williamson River Campground – located within Fremont-Winema National Forest

All week, Aaron was religiously checking the weather, hoping for a clear day. He finally found one and took me for a drive to Crater Lake. When he tells me where we are going, I try not to look it up. I always like to be surprised. So, I didn’t know how far it was, or what it was going to be like. I was just excited that it had stopped raining for like three whole minutes.

Things were looking good from the very beginning.

Before this year, I had never been to Oregon before. And this place was nothing at all like Rufus. I was just in shock over how incredibly beautiful it was everywhere. The colors, and the sunshine, and the animals, and the friendly people waving. It’s just not like home at all. By the time we entered the park and I started seeing snow, I was already giddy.


It smelled and looked like Christmas everywhere.

Nothing makes me happier than that. Really. I just sat here trying to think of something that brings me that much joy and there is just nothing else. Snow is my one true love!

It was amazing, and as we drove up the mountain, it got better and better!

Not a black & white photo. Just the best snow day ever!
Doesn’t it make you want to drink hot cocoa & decorate a tree?!
I freakin love it!

Snow just makes me happy. I really enjoyed our time in this part of Oregon… I think we can all see that it clearly had an unfair advantage, but still, I’m not changing my opinion.

I think that Aaron and Kalie would also agree with me. New sleeping arrangements make all the difference. New bed = pure joy, trust me! Really when you think about it, we also use the bed as the office, the living room, and sometimes the dining room. It should be the most comfortable.

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