This was another one of our longer stays. After the time we spent in Washington, Aaron and I were ready to recoup some of our camping costs, and more than ready for a break from the constant moving and city traffic. So, we ended up staying at Rufus Landing for almost two weeks.

10.03 – 10.15.2016
Rufus Landing Recreation Area – Rufus, Oregon

Our spot had pretty decent views, and it was large enough so that all the rigs could space out from one another. I noticed a little noise from the highway and the nearby train tracks, but it really didn’t bother me at all. I mean it was free… it’s going to take a lot for me to complain about that!

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Staying in the same spot for so long gave us the opportunity to experience the weather. The blue skies were beautiful, but they didn’t happen all that often. Mostly we got clouds, cold, and rain. But even that was still pretty.

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In case you’re unfamiliar, Rufus is closely located to two other towns:

Hood River and The Dalles.

Aaron and I had tried going to Walmart in The Dalles, which was 30 minutes from our camp. But as it turned out, Walmart is located in Hood River, which is another 30 or 40 minutes away. Surprise!

So, by the time we got all of our errands taken care of I was starving… and teetering on angry. 😇 For the safety of all involved, I demanded food and beverage immediately. And, we ended up at Solstice Wood Fire Cafe & Bar.

This place was good, I would recommend the pizza and the drinks over anything else. But as with anything, there are downsides: the service is slow and the prices are high, because to be fair, Hood River is a bit of a douchey town.

Just be prepared. Maybe take a shower or brush your hair… We actually ended up going twice, but the second time I definitely had cleaner hair.


I just realized that a lot of this blog is based around my needing to be fed…

I can’t exactly remember why, but one afternoon I decided I had to have tacos. In my defense, I believe it had something to do with the fact that it was Taco Tuesday and National Taco Day.

So, we decided to take a drive to the nearest “grocery store” to get the stuff we needed. The drive itself proved to be an interesting adventure. We actually ended up losing phone service and driving though some farms, all on the way to this tiny market. It was worth it, the market was adorable, and the ladies working inside were super nice. Also, the end result was a taco.


All in all, Rufus is a surprisingly beautiful area.

I will admit though, we really didn’t get out and explore as much as we probably should have. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of living normal lives… its a little weird. Everyday isn’t vacation, this is our life, but we should still try to experience the places we are in, at least a little.


On our very last day in town, we finally got a chance to try out the local diner for breakfast. It had great reviews on Google and on TripAdvisor. Needless to say, I was really excited. I was thrilled when it lived up to all of my expectations. The service was great and the food was even better.

✌🏻 Amanda

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