I can’t believe it’s time… I feel like we just did this. I actually have no idea how I had so much to offer this time around, but I’m not really one to complain when it comes to a new playlist.

Somehow, I managed three additional lists to help pick songs from. Although, to be honest, the first one is awful. It’s… seriously not good? Laughable? All the negative adjectives. The other two are impressive enough to make up for that bad one though. That’s obviously just my opinion, not biased in the least, you can totally trust me.

For me, the coolest part about October’s playlist is that we (Mike and I) made it together, in Montana! Who would have ever expected us to hang out in Montana together… my life is still so weird sometimes.

Flathead Lake State Park

When we did the one last month, I was in Northern Michigan and Mike was nine hours away back at home. So we made September over FaceTime. Of course it worked fine, but it wasn’t ideal. Part of our creative process is really listening to each song and then fighting it out (until I get my way). Sometimes resorting to violence when necessary. It’s hard to do it right when you’re not in the same space.

This is definitely an awesome playlist and it’s far less embarrassing than the one we made last month. Aaron even helped pick a song or two this month. Get excited.

October 2016