After all of the drawn out, boring, normal life stuff, we finally let Mike out to explore. And, as promised, we did adventure time in Glacier National Park. It was the first time into the park for all of us, so we were pretty pumped to get to it!

September 15, 2016

I am literally the worst group photo taker…
our very first stop was beautiful Lake McDonald
exhibit 2: total professional

We spent the majority of our first day in the park touring Going-To-The-Sun Road. A very cool and extremely narrow road offering spectacular views for all. We decided on driving the road first thing because we had heard that often times, the park closes it very early in the season. It doesn’t have much for guard rails and the lanes are really tight. After experiencing it for myself, I can safely say that I’m glad we didn’t try to drive the truck here during peak season, or when there was snow.


the truck did not fit in one lane. the mirrors were folded the entire time

We got out of the car a few times on the way up to the summit to take pictures, but mostly this was just a ride along day.

I think this is when Kalie and Mike really had their bonding time. They shared the same window more often than not, and it was so stinkin’ cute.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Even though we spent the entire time in the truck, this was by far our most eventful day in Glacier. We saw a bear, (OHMYEFFINGGOD I finally saw a bear you guys!!) we saw an entire herd of bighorn sheep, and we saw a mountain goat.

this happened. but we also saw real live bighorn sheep too.
isn’t he the cutest thing with a beard you have ever seen??

September 16, 2016

File everything I’m about to say under unnessary and too much information.

On Friday we decided to go back to Glacier, even though Aaron kept telling me how pale I looked. To be honest, if I was pale enough for him to mention it, rather than just my normal zombie white, maybe it was a cause for concern but I didn’t think anything of it. Anyway, I stayed in the truck while Mike and Aaron went in to the visitor center to see about a short hike, and while they were gone, I almost passed out… while laying down. It sounds weird, I know, but I totally don’t think it’s a big deal, and we definitely didn’t let it ruin our day!


Many of the spots in Glacier are so beautiful that they just don’t seem real. I’m so glad that Mike came to visit us in such an amazing place. Originally we had discussed him coming to Seattle, I think that would have been such a waste. I really think he would agree.

Processed with Snapseed.

we did an extremely short “hike”

September 18, 2016

We skipped one rainy cold day at Glacier but went back the very next day. It was Mike’s last day with us and he chose nature as his activity. That meant we (mostly I) had to suck it up and finally get out of the truck. We ended up on a four mile hike, up and over a mountain. It was great… You know you have to hike back afterwards. So up and over, then up and over again.

don’t we ALL look excited?

It was actually the best day for a hike. The temperatures were nice and the leaves were changing colors, it was a beautiful day. It’s very easy to reflect and say that now. At the time, I am quite sure that I was near death. At the very least, I almost broke a hip.

Mike has a real passion for Canada. I think it’s weird too


Fun fact: during our time outside of the truck, we saw no wild life. Not a single thing. I was annoyed, but I recently read an article about a guy getting attacked by the same bear twice… and I got to thinking, Mike had our bear spray on the hike and I just don’t feel sure that he knew how to use it. So, I’m pretty glad we saw no bears that time.

the end destination of our hike

Hikes that end at swampy lakes are not my thing. I’ve discovered that I am much more of a desert girl. My hair likes it more, there are no bugs, you find shit to climb or giant holes in the ground… The desert is just better. This is why Mike has to come to Utah now!

thank god, we all survived the hike. barely.