We have been camping at Upper Teton View for a little over a week now. Its just so beautiful and quiet, and the company just keeps getting better and better. Although, I will tell you, I still haven’t seen a bear.

At this point, I’m pretty convinced a bear is as likely as a unicorn. Not saying they don’t exist, I’m just pointing out that I haven’t seen either. It is especially irritating because everywhere we go, they seem very worried that I’m about to be eaten by a bear at every turn.

Week One (08.27 – 09.03.2016)
Upper Teton View – Moose, Wyoming

Neither of us has ever been to Wyoming before so we planned to make this an extended stay. Actually, when we left Michigan originally, that was always the plan. We agreed to slow down and spend more time in each place we visited. However, that has been difficult so far. This week has been so nice to settle, actually get some sleep, and let the Airstream get a little more lived in. We can put the awnings out, take our time seeing the National Park, and really take it all in.

We have also been camped here long enough to have visited Jackson Hole quite a few times. My mother informs me that Jackson Hole is a very big deal. Apparently, all of the rich and famous know about it. Clearly, someone forgot to mention it to me.

The first time we drove in, I was checking TripAdvisor for somewhere to have dinner, something I do regularly. Thinking this was a small town in the wilderness, having 94 options was really shocking. The list had me overwhelmed by the sheer length, and then by the “$$$$” listed next to all of the restaurant names. I quickly gave up looking and we ended up at a Mexican place where there were no reports of food poisoning.

I feel very torn when it comes to my feelings for Jackson Hole. I want to love it, but the massive crowds make me hate it. Aaron and I went to a coffee shop one morning and they were playing a live version of Moon Taxi – Daybreaker. That was a pleasant and completely unexpected surprise. But then, we tried to drive to the grocery store and the traffic was unbearable. Then when we got there, it was like the day before Thanksgiving. Gross.

Driving around Grand Teton National Park is always very redeeming though. The crowds are usually avoidable and the landscape is amazing. So far we have spotted elk, prong horn antelope, a moose with her baby, bison, and sunset after sunset.



During our time here, I have learned that forest fires this time of year are common. So, the one burning in Yellowstone is of no surprise. But the first few days we were here, the fire had gotten pretty big and it was close to the road that leads into the park, so they had everything blocked off.

Of course, once the road was open again, we took a drive just to see what was going on. For some reason I had this thought that it would be really interesting to see. But my actual reaction to seeing it was a lot different than I had been expecting. Even though everything you read says that these fires are natural and good for the ecosystem, the sight of all the burned forest made me really sad.

Processed with Snapseed.
the stillness around the forest fire is one of the weirdest parts

Since Aaron twisted his ankle we have been taking it easy with most of our exploring. Mostly what I’m saying is that we’ve been doing a lot of driving around the park and going to dinner. So far Upper Teton View has been a great site for both of those things. People we have been camped with have gone on hikes and bike rides, so I guess it’s good for actually physical activities too.

Aaron has also been a real social butterfly since we arrived at this spot, making friends with almost everyone that pulls up. With new neighbors almost nightly, that’s even more impressive. Meanwhile, I’ve been hiding out and reading books because our internet is shit. Very antisocial behavior, but I think I might be over it now. Probably because I’m out of books until we run into Drivin’ & Vibin’ at some point.

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