Pet Peeves

This post could truly go on for days, so, after Monday’s excessively long post, I have decided to limit myself to a single pet peeve. Originally, I had planned to add images… but then I got to Google searching “bumper stickers” and I realized that I may just be asking for trouble. There are no bumper stickers that are completely neutral, and sharing them on here will be just as bad as what I am complaining about.

Truthfully, it does not matter to me if your bumper stickers are things that I completely agree with, or things that I disagree with. I hate all of them, even neutral ones. In fact, I think I hate those the most. I do not ever want to see a stick person family on a car window. Ever. There is an extremely good chance that if I am driving behind you, I already want to punch you. And now I want to punch all of your stick family too.

Unless we are real life friends, I do not need to know your thoughts on anything. I just need you to drive to where you are going, in a fashion that does not interfere with me driving to where I am going. This is a similar issue I had with Facebook: far too much sharing. Just stop. Seriously. Stop.

Unless the bumper sticker on your car is the gnomies one, I hate it.

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