Another first for #BLOGTOBER14… I feel confident that I have never posted on a Sunday. If I am wrong, please feel free to keep that to yourself, nobody likes a know it all.

My Fall Bucket List

I realized today that I have never created a bucket list before. Where does the term “bucket list” even come from? I don’t really get it. Nevertheless, I love a good list and I embraced today’s topic. In no particular order, here is my Fall list of things to do!

  • Enjoy the outdoors while weather still permits. I would definitely like to get in as many outdoor workouts as I possibly can. Basement workouts are really not my thing.
  • Use a real camera instead of the damn iPhone. I love the iPhone for conveniently snapping photos of moments that you didn’t realize where going to happen. But, I need to be a grown up and use my Cannon when I am purposefully taking pictures (especially for the blog).
  • Bake an apple pie. I’ve never done it before and I love me some pie. Enough said.
  • Buy a pumpkin from a farmer. Last year I didn’t get one and the year before that I bought one from the grocery store. Such shame. I don’t even know where the pumpkin came from.. could have been an import.
  • Watch a scary movie. I love, love, love, scary movies. The thing of it is, it is so incredibly hard to find a good one that is actually scary. The last horrifying movie I saw was “The Strangers” and when was that from? 2008.
  • Donate to a food bank. I really like the feeling of giving and helping people… did that sound like I donate for myself? Anyway, I think we should all try to give as often as possible, but fall seems like the best time of year to really make sure it gets done. I hate the idea of kids not enjoying fall as much as they should.
  • Go on a hayride. Never done it, really want to. Hopefully it doesn’t give me an asthma attack.
  • Decorate my front porch for the fall season. I am talking mums, corn stalks, and pumpkins. Taking the season and my decorating skills, all. the. way. Seriously, pictures to come.
  • Make chili in my crockpot. Yum, chili!